A sling consultant is someone who is trained and qualified to support parents in their babywearing journey. They will have lots of knowledge about the different types of slings, supporting the needs of parents and carers (for example a painful lower back, a wheelchair user) the needs of babies and children (for example weight limits, additional needs or carrying more than one child) and is just a general supportive and informative presence.

A 10-15 minute consultation is included in the cost of hire at a sling meet, but sometimes (for example after a cesarean section) a family cannot attend. Busy environments like a sling library can also be overwhelming for some parents and children, or maybe you’d like to learn a specific skill like carrying with a woven wrap, using a carrier in a back carry or would like to have an in-depth discussion and demonstration of lots of different slings ante-natally or with a newborn or toddler.

I can also offer group workshops for up to 4 people (plus partners or another family member if they would like to attend). For example, you might like to get together with friends, or an antenatal/parenting group to cover a specific topic like carrying a newborn in a stretchy wrap. Get in touch if you have something in mind that’s not listed below, I am more than happy to customise consultations or workshops to your needs.

If you run a baby group, antenatal course or other pregnancy/birth/parenting related and you’d like a short talk/demonstration get in touch for

Healthcare professionals including midwifes or health visitors can also benefit from having some sling knowledge to support families both antenatally and with newborns. Sling use can also support the principles of kangaroo care, especially for premature infants. Please get in touch if you would like more information about babywearing education for health professionals (this link from the GP Infant Feeding Network is very informative: