All about the Happy Sling Lady


I’m Brianna Dymond and I am the Happy Sling Lady. I am a fully qualified and insured sling consultant and I trained with the Slingababy Training School and offer lots of services in the Birmingham area.

I first started babywearing when my son Attie was born, wrapping him up in a stretchy sling just 3 days after he was born for a quick jolly to get some bread. From there I fell in love with having him so close to me and I think he feels the same as I haven’t been able to put him down since (except when there are big open spaces to run around or Lego to be played with)!

When his sister Dilly was born in April ’17 I carried her from day 1, and having my hands free to continue to play with Attie, prepare food and do household chores made life so much easier. I often wear them both, which means no waiting for lifts with the buggy or being turned away from buses and it also means that Attie can’t run away when we’re in a rush.

Babywearing has supported a lovely, close relationship between me, my partner, my extended family and my children and I am so excited to be able to share the gift of carrying with other families local to me.

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